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Ok so, cards on the table, I think that most men, myself included, want to do some fairly serious spiritual thinking. At the very least from time to time. But often our brains can become a bit of a tangle and we may not want to talk or think about those things openly. 

Coming to a Yoga class provides a bit of thinking space. And I really mean it creates space in the mind. If you have never tried it, I cannot recommend anything more highly.

But what about if you were unsure what to expect when coming to a Yoga class? Surely it's the preserve of incredibly athletic flexible women in brightly coloured outfits bending in to pretzel shapes? Wouldn't that be intimidating? 

Well, I personally found that when I first started practicing Yoga that those thoughts of intimidation and of comparing the shapes I was making to those of others in the studio were just a big distraction. I could glimpse that clarity of mind, that amazing feeling of Zen during my practice, but that was it to begin with, only glimpses.

And sure Yoga is for everyone. Once you get a bit more in to it, you will find that you can practice alone or with 100 people and still feel that amazing clarity and bliss. But to begin with, wouldn't it be good if there was a class just for guys? Lead by a guy (me) who also has lots of stiffness in his body, is also challenged by the physical practice, but who gets Yoga? And who wants you to get it too?

What I would like to do is to just create an environment where men can come and do Yoga and not feel any of the anxieties or distractions or intimidations which can cloud the mind for some in some Yoga studio situations, leaving the mind free for that space to be created by the practice.

Below are examples of just a few of the men who inspire me from the world of Yoga with their awesome teachings and ways. Please feel free to google these guys and more for your own inspiration. I guess the bottom line is,  as some wise man once said, "real men do yoga". 

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