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For promo outdoor yoga:

If you're anything like me you'll love no place better to practice yoga than outside surrounding by the sounds, sights and smells of nature.  With the grass under your mat you really can feel the pull of the earth and the energy all around filling the body with vitality and prana as we breath from pose to pose.

If you want to feel connected, calmer & clearer this class is for you!  Join me each week for this fun outdoors practice focusing on the season we are experiencing in the here and now.  All donations to charity.

Please wear comfy clothes, bring a mat if you have one and a jumper or blanket for relaxation.  As you know outdoor classes are weather dependent, light layers are key to stop you getting too cold if it is windy. Please keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Please explore my site to learn more about the seasons, the charity we support, food, events and more!
See you on the mat!

< bunch of outdoor views and me yoga-ing in field at trevelgue>

For unstretchables:


After years of hearing peoples reasons for not being able to 'do' yoga I thought I would like to attempt to dispel the myth of what some people think of yoga & try and get more people on board, simple, free and no strings here goes.

If you think yoga is not for you for any or all of the following reasons then firstly, you are definitely not alone and secondly, you've come to the right place.

Rest assured, farting, twisting yourself into a pretzel, needing to pee, yoga fashion in class and most of the things going through your head are NOT what yoga is about or in fact anything to worry about. Or at least they won't be by the time I'm done with you.

Good news is that I am here to help you and for free *for an optional donation to charity*

Bad news is that there is a strong chance you will - like a lot of people at some point - become what my teacher used to call a 'yoga wally' where you fall in love with the amazing feeling it gives you, get hooked and then tell everyone who'll listen all about it. Obviously if this gets more people on board its not necessarily a bad thing I don't think.
So how does this work?

<unstretchables graphic>

This invitation into the world of yoga and hopefully the new you is for people who have never stepped foot into a yoga class or tapped a toe onto a yoga mat or maybe people who have tried yoga out many moons ago and were either put off or got the wrong idea and ran screaming for the hills swearing yoga was the root of all evil.

I don't care if your fat, thin, old, young, confident, shy, scared, crazy bonkers or whatever!

We will have 3 sessions with just me of approx 1-2 hours where will will talk through your concerns, the basic principle of yoga and go through some of the most common postures that will help you with your first class should you choose to do one. 

Its a chance to prep yourself for your first class, ask stupid questions and have time one to one as I understand that sometimes yoga classes (even sometimes for me now) you feel you cannot pipe up with a question or there just isn't time with so many students.

All things can be adapted and discussed, you might feel better coming in pairs or maybe even holding our session in your own home rather than mine or you might only want part of the sessions.  It is personal to you so please take the step and contact me today.  All I ask for in return is that you consider making a donation for your sessions to Animals Asia who I support.
If you want you can join our private 'unstretchables' facebook group where we can support each other on our journey together.

By the end of our time together, my hope is that you:
(1) Know that nothing is impossible, you are not in fact 'unstretchable'
(2) Take it further and attend a beginners class or beginners course
(3) Feel confident in going into the world of yoga knowing more than you did before
(4) Realise that this could be the first step of a new you, enjoy it and feel good
(5) Consider supporting an animal charity in return for our sessions

Its your life, right now! its not a trial run, contact me today and take the first step in the right direction.

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