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Since a very young age I had a deep empathy for animals and a love of the natural world. I was very shy and highly sensitive which of course meant I had been dealt a bit of a roller coaster emotional ride through life.

Learning about yoga and all its intricacies helps me to understand myself, and others, and the connection with the world around me. It can act as a place to retreat to to find space, can offer clarity when there seems to be none and is a place you can visit anytime you want.

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About me


It wasn't until my late twenties I discovered that I was a ‘highly sensitive person’ (HSP) and learning about the impacts that this trait can have, both good and bad, was nothing short of life changing. This, combined with yoga philosophy, aligning with nature and loving all its creatures equally has allowed me to focus on self-awareness and become aware of the ego.

I believe too many people have lost their connection with nature and believe that reconnection and self-awareness is the answer to a more compassionate world....if we could all just find the space and time to do it!


Sentient was set up to offer a service to people who, like me, work in animal protection. To give them a platform to share experiences and offer advice on dealing with issues like compassion fatigue and burnout. Currently this service is on hold and at present Sentient only offers yoga classes in beautiful Argyll which are open to everyone.

About my experience

I have completed both the compassion fatigue educator course and a compassion fatigue therapist course with Green Cross Academy of Traumatology (USA). 

Compassion Fatigue Educator certificate.
Compassion Fatigue Therapist certificate

I have completed the compassion fatigue strategies course specifically for animal welfare workers at the University of Florida (USA) with the wonderful Jessica Dolce.

Maddies shelter medicine prog
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I am a former student of Dr Kumar at Traditional Yoga UK. Dr Kumar's teachings are very traditional and taught in a guru-student method.  He teaches the biochemistry behind the practice as well as the sacred teachings and zero resistance as a way of encouraging conservation of the body and mind.

Falmouth Yoga Space Certificate.png

I am grateful to have been able to complete a year long 200hr teacher training at the Falmouth Yoga Space (Cornwall).  At Falmouth yoga space the training was predominantly Lotus Flow Yoga incorporating Mantras, Mudras & the Myths of Yoga and combining it with the dynamic flow of this style of practice. Thank you to my teachers.

Jessica Dolce Compassion Fatigue Strateg

I am also grateful to have been able to complete a year long 200hr teacher training at the Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training Academy (Glasgow/London). At the seasonal yoga academy my training was a combination of yoga and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which taught us how to work with the seasons through asana, pranayama, Qi Gong and nutrition. Thank you to my teachers.

Seasonal Yoga Teacher Certificate.png

My ambition​

A world where non-human animals do not suffer at the hands of humans and that all human beings see themselves in others. Through Sentient my ambition is to help people to reconnect, find some stillness in the face of a fast-paced modern world and through yoga, being to witness the self. Acknowledging you need a self care plan, and incorporating practices like pranayama (breathing practices), physical yoga (asana) or relaxation is a great place to start with all of the above!​

Yoga is not a passive practice - it can be hard but always worthwhile. It does not teach yogis to sit still while the world struggles but instead teaches us that we can create change through bringing light, compassion and resilience. 

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