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  • Time of year: August, September, October

  • Begins: 21st August

  • Element: Earth

  • Linked organs: Stomach & Spleen

  • Energy: Recentre

  • Nature: Harvesting, Ripening & Rotting

  • Focus: Nourishing & Nurturing

  • Our asana practice: Strong core, soft shell


What goes up must come down. The time of year when summer begins its transformation towards autumn as the energy descends back to your core.
Late Summer can be seen as a transitional season where we have a couple of months gently floating back to earth after the height of summer and the full force of energy that brought with it...phew! Time to bring that gallop to a canter and reign in all that prana ready for the seasons ahead of us. 

Think earth, think your core, think of drawing in and peacefully preparing for the months ahead.
The organs to focus on at this time of year are your stomach 'the sea of nourishment' and the spleen which 'governs the power of thought'.

Obviously when the seasons are a bit colder and a bit more wild they get your immune system working hard so it is always a good idea to try and build upon your strength physically and mentally just now. How you think is vital so time to ponder on the quality of your life, thoughts - are they healthy or destructive? actions  - are they helpful or possibly detrimental? foods - do they make you feel good? maybe even the people around you…What nourishes your soul? and be honest, it's only you who knows this information so don't let the monkey mind play tricks.
It is easy to say, not at all easy to practise but - worry wastes energy - try to consider this next time it takes hold. Is it justified? Will it change anything? Can I change something to solve it?

Now...back to the core. Metaphorically speaking we want to imagine bringing energy back to our centre and maintain our energy reserve but physically in our yoga practice we should be focussing on strengthening it as well. Uddiyana Bandha or the 'abdominal lock' is a good place to start. It is fantastic for many things, it strengthens your muscles, massages your organs and sublimates energy from the ground up, why not try doing a few Uddiyana Bandha rounds each morning before breakfast? 
In our Asana practice we shall look at giving those foundation legs some good strong roots to the earth, feeling the connection drawing up from the soles of the feet whilst pulling energy down anchoring us to the earth. Strong core postures such as Navasana (Boat Pose) combined with postures such as Utkatsana (Chair) which root us as we stretch those fingertips away.

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