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Otherwise known as 'the web' this tiny but important season sneaks in between spring and summer. It is often ignored but vitally important in nature as it is the season which considers all of the tissues that connect us and hold us in place. Really our entire being would be a bit of formless mess without it.

You can feel the summer coming along nicely by this point in the year. We've stretched out in spring from our winter dormancy but we're not quite ready yet for the crazy energy of full summer so we're somewhere in the middle, just for a month. 
The organs we focus on are the triple heater (the pericardium) which is the tough fibrous sac that surrounds our heart and holds it in place as well as assisting with its function. And, the connective tissue or fascia, the most abundant and varied tissue we have.

In early summer we start to work on opening and closing our bodies, working on our muscles and every tiny particle that connects them. It is a time to really focus on connection - connection with the earth, connection within our bodies and most importantly connection with nature around us and all the beings we share the earth with. 

The connective tissue covers our entire body surrounding all our muscles, organs and bones and quite literally holds us together. Explore deep within the fascia, interlacing and then stretching out, maybe holding a pose a little longer or pushing our bodies to maybe stretch that little bit further. Everyone is different, everyone's bodies are unique and we must take responsibility for our own practice and what limits we have so as not to overstretch.

  • Time of year: 21st May - 20th June

  • Element: The gentle heating of fire

  • Linked organs: The connective tissue (fascia) & triple heater or 'pericardium' (around the heart)

  • Nature/Energy: Warming up

  • Focus: Connection

  • Our asana practice: Opening and closing


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