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  • Time of year: March, April, May

  • Begins: March 21st

  • Element: Wood

  • Linked organs: Liver & Gall Bladder

  • Energy: Rising, forwards

  • Nature: New growth, new energy

  • Focus: Inner focus and vision

  • Our asana practice: Stretch out! Energise


It is just what the doctor ordered after a restorative winter period. With the start of spring comes new energies and all sorts of life changes as we aim to clear out any cobwebs from our homes, our minds and our bodies! 

At this time of year nature begins to wake up and we start to become aware of the trees boasting new green leaves and the flowers filling the air with their beautiful perfumes. It is a time for us to get up, get active and put into practice all those contemplations we've been pondering over the quiet winter months. 

Foods at this time of the year are green green green! As with any season it is wise to eat what is provided for us by nature as much as we can but aim to be eating lighter foods such as spring greens, stir fries with new shoots and lovely green salads. 

With the new comes a replacement of the old! If you want to detox NOW is the time to do it. Dieting & detoxing in winter time when the body wants to hang on to all its reserves & work on resting and not straining is not as beneficial as doing it in spring. Right now the body is awoken and is ready for new challenges physically & mentally. Why not just try simple things like cut down on caffeine or increase your water intake and flush out those toxins. 

Spring cleaning your surroundings is just as important as detoxing your body & mind. 

House plants love CO2 (we don't) and they give away their O2 (which we love!). They are an amazing way to purify the air in your house but they also bring nature inside, breaking the barrier of your indoor world and outdoor world. 

In our yoga practice we will be working on stretching out that side body finding some space in between those ribs. We'll be honing all that lovely lively new energy that surrounds us and drawing it up from the earth. Spreading our fingers like sunbeams we'll find length and grow tall combined with some detoxifying twists to ring ourselves out from the winter time. 

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